A serving of good health – at Coimbatore – Don’t miss it

A serving of good health – at Coimbatore – Don’t miss it

It was a hungry Sunday evening and I wondered which restaurant I should try when someone mentioned Nal Unavu (Healthy food), When I invited some of my friends to this restaurant they sulked as a restaurant where every dish is prepared from millets, did not exactly excite them. But I went and was not disappointed at all.

The restaurant is charming in a simple and homely way. And I liked that the utensils they used was of copper and the food was served on a banana leaf. V. Jaisankar and V. Balasaraswathy, the owners said that while they did not have prior experience in running a restaurant, they were very sure that they wanted to start one that served healthy fare and that is how Nal Unavu came about. In order to keep the food healthy but tasty, the use of ajinomoto, food colouring, and packaged spices and oils are an absolute no no.

Nal Unavu carefully prepares its own spices and uses cold pressed oils rather than commercial ones.

Secure in the thought that I was eating healthy, I tucked into the delicious Thulasi Dosai, Thinai Nei Kathirikai Dosai, Raagi Poori, Kambu Idly andSembaruthi Dosai. The restaurant has a basic menu of 15 dosas and these are modified and extended to nearly 250 different varieties! The menu changes every day. So, I might not find Thulasi Dosai or Raagi poori if I go back the following day.

The pride of their menu is Elaneer Vettrilai Juice a mix of Coconut Water and betel leaves with a dash of thulasi. According to Balasaraswathy, it is liked by both young and old alike and it is found nowhere else in the city. And it is said to help in digestion and blood purification.

I loved the food, ambience and the philosophy of Nal Unavu. But what was most gratifying was the nominal pricing. A happy meal for a couple should be around Rs 300-400 approximately.

Nal Unavu is located at 88, Arogyaswamy Road (East), R.S. Puram

For details call: 9043339862/ 9994977111